Year End Reflection: 2015!

The Underestimated Impact of Perception Vs Reality!

Fast forward 3 years – rose colored glasses jettisoned lol. Growth (self realization) & Lessons Learned abound…

  • Truly appreciate the impact, effect, influence of team dynamics (positive & negatives types).
  • Leadership: an organization’s success is determined – influenced – dictated by the constraints of its leadership!
  • True North aka Hidden Agendas or Uncommunicated Motives: is there a way for me to realize & confirm if these are in existence? If yes, how can I realize these sooner than later lol? Once realized, how to handle – straight on, organization maneuvering (ignoring is not an option). Once handled, what kind of impact would result?
  • The meaning of white (various colored) elephants in the room! It is Vital & Crucial to develop meaningful relationships within organizations. From these, trust develops. Leads to creating “safe zones” where the underlying reasons for conflict, fear & resistance can be identified – revealed – resolved, so that forward momentum can be maintained in the drive to accomplish organization goals and objectives. Ah-Ha moment: Confidence to keep being myself (there is nothing wrong with my care and nurture mindset!).
  • Change is Hard: feeling change 1st hand has proven to be an eye opening experience! This lesson will influence how I undertake facilitation, change management, relationship development activities. It is easy to forget about how people react to change in the drive to make change happen! The successes to be realized from change can be “blinding” to the point that I forget/overlook/not realize that people react to change differently. Proper care must be taken to ensure that teams are carefully prepped for change (process cannot be fast tracked or “short-cutted”). Undue care of people can result in lasting negative impacts to the successes that reside on the other side of change :).

Bring on 2016…


Time to Let Go!

The Quality Practitioner spends a lot of time chasing, advocating, championing, guiding, shepherding, seeking buy-in for Quality methods, support, resolution of conflicts, justifiable use of limited & dwindling resources, building a Quality-Team, et al..

The above takes place over a period of time (often times years) and naturally this becomes the norm. The Quality Practitioner out of necessity becomes the sole custodial of the Quality space within the organization.

Then something fantastic happens and if one is not aware can be a devastating set back to the whole endeavor.

The team start to take ownership. This starts manifesting as queries about “why we are doing it this way”, “we should find another way”, et al. Team members begin to make connections (daily work, organization strategy, improvement), take initiative, engage stakeholders, prep & execute deliverables, present status updates, etc.

Care should be taken not to categorize these fledgling steps to process ownership as resistance (which would lead to the Quality Practitioner reacting by using resistance-overcoming facilitation methods which would kill fledgling ownerships dead! This would be disastrous to establishing meaningful organizational relationships.

Note to self: Be on the lookout for the above moments – shifts from resistance to ownership! They can be so subtle that it can be easily overlooked, missed or worse dismissed! Sit back and luxuriate in the moment – rewarding moment that makes up for the long periods of resistance :).

Leadership (i.e. lack of) & Quality!

Reaching out to Quality brethren on the interweb about a topic I have been pondering for years. Success of any Quality undertaking relies heavily on it…

Much is and has been written about Leadership & Quality (mostly about the lack of leadership). What does “a lack of leadership” mean? Why is this crucial factor <leadership> so elusive within organizations? How can Leadership be realized, be the norm? What factors foster Leadership development, traits, characteristics, culture? Once Leadership has been realized, can it be lost  or how can it be sustained?

Year End Reflection: 2014!

The PACE of the private sector versus public sector and the challenge of adjusting.

Pace = the rate at which decisions, initiatives, projects, actions, goals, objectives are accomplished.

Come from a background driven customer requirements, needs, voice; shareholder expectations; quarterly, semi-annual, annual goals (strategy); market-share; competition (within & without the organization); 24/7 global multicultural environment; deadline driven. Palpable sense of urgency to get things done (do them right the first time – there might not be a second opportunity to get it right!).

New environment has a slower rhythm. Very palpable lack of urgency – the cause for my challenge. I was still operating on a corporate global driven cadence. Translates into how I conducted meetings, facilitated teams, managed projects & stakeholders. Conflict naturally arose – feedback of “We are not Google / Amazon!” in response to me pointing out lackluster attempts of executing strategic plans.

Lots of lessons learned – I have to adjust my cadence to match the pace of the organization. Failure to accomplish this would result in frustration, being excluded / marginalized, becoming a “squeaky wheel” – which would impact the value I am trying to bring to the organization (throw baby out with bath water comes to mind 🙂 ). I will use this Ah-Ha to better evaluate future opportunities – is this the right environment for me? Can I adjust my pace? Does the Culture of the Organization support what I have been hired to do? Would I be able to adapt & adjust to this new environment in order to successfully accomplish goals & achieve success?

I have been contemplating, cogitating, pondering, musing about this topic for quite some time. How to prevent passion, zeal, the relentless pursuit for excellence from turning into the squeaky wheel that must be silenced/marginalized/uninvited/eliminated?

The brave world of the Quality Practitioner :)…