Customer Experience (CX) revisited…

Not so much revisited as called-out from my continuous improvement activities (operations-organizational excellence advocacy). My project management roots originated from developing and carving out end user fulfillment (returns, exchanges, refunds) within a global operations juggernaut (IBM). Fun times!

Most of my lessons-learned from this period is the basis for my Voice of Customer advocacy. I cannot separate this tendency from my OpEx leanings. These CX thoughts led to this summation of me in response to evaluation of my CX skillset (contributions):

  • Staunch Voice of Customer advocate, facilitator and process (systems) developer – multiple cross-functional engagements with Sales, Manufacturing-Supply Chain Services, IT, HR, etc.
  • Experienced as the bridge between the Customer and the organization (helping organizations connect the dots for the customers they have invested so much in acquiring).
  • Skilled at developing organization relationships which form the basis for penetrating and shifting siloed cultures.
  • Expert at process (systems) evaluation, assessment, optimization and re-engineering.
  • Champion of the “outside-in” approach to process (systems) improvements for “moments of truth” i.e. customer touch points.
  • Hands-on experience planning & deploying strategy i.e. from high level to tactical (daily tasks).

The journey continues…




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