Year End Reflection: 2014!

The PACE of the private sector versus public sector and the challenge of adjusting.

Pace = the rate at which decisions, initiatives, projects, actions, goals, objectives are accomplished.

Come from a background driven customer requirements, needs, voice; shareholder expectations; quarterly, semi-annual, annual goals (strategy); market-share; competition (within & without the organization); 24/7 global multicultural environment; deadline driven. Palpable sense of urgency to get things done (do them right the first time – there might not be a second opportunity to get it right!).

New environment has a slower rhythm. Very palpable lack of urgency – the cause for my challenge. I was still operating on a corporate global driven cadence. Translates into how I conducted meetings, facilitated teams, managed projects & stakeholders. Conflict naturally arose – feedback of “We are not Google / Amazon!” in response to me pointing out lackluster attempts of executing strategic plans.

Lots of lessons learned – I have to adjust my cadence to match the pace of the organization. Failure to accomplish this would result in frustration, being excluded / marginalized, becoming a “squeaky wheel” – which would impact the value I am trying to bring to the organization (throw baby out with bath water comes to mind 🙂 ). I will use this Ah-Ha to better evaluate future opportunities – is this the right environment for me? Can I adjust my pace? Does the Culture of the Organization support what I have been hired to do? Would I be able to adapt & adjust to this new environment in order to successfully accomplish goals & achieve success?